The path to surrender is littered with opinions joyously cast aside!

Letting Go

I am just breathing and noticing how good it feels to let everything and everyone be exactly as they are. I no longer feel the urge to tie up loose ends or try to make sense out of what can feel like a circus. It is enough to show up for myself and appreciate all that is. I’ll be taking a break from blogging. It’s been fun hanging out with you. I wish you all the best!

All Is Well


Too Spiritual for Your Own Good?

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I experienced a healing recently where the practitioner found and removed a childhood trauma from my energy field via dolphin energy. I was really surprised that any imprint of that experience was still in my field. It was related to a bunch of boys chasing me on a grass field that led to the school car park area. Back then I felt terror. Thankfully, an adult rescued me from the pack chasing me. I felt lighter and it felt good to have that healing, but a day later I noticed a pain in my hip. It started me thinking about other childhood trauma. I had a fifth grade teacher who was verbally abusive and would embarrass me in class along with another girl. I wondered if that could be why sometimes I feel uncomfortable and embarrassed in groups of people. I have this feeling I will be harshly evaluated. I was surprised that this would still be affecting me because I have done so much spiritual work around forgiveness. Bless you Mrs. Lane! My heart is clear, I am never a victim and I keep no grudges from the past. In fact, at the time my Mom asked me if I would like to change teachers and I said no. I said I needed this experience so that I could function in the world when I grew up. I checked in with my inner child and sure enough she said it’s great that as an adult you have an open loving heart but what about me? What the hell? (She said it in more colorful terms than that.) I apologized and told her I really had no awareness we were carrying that around all this time. I focused on the pain in my hip and directed Plasma Beings that have made themselves known to me recently, to remove this trauma residue from my energetic field. Immediately the pain vanished. I surmised that even though I may have done a lot of work around forgiving childhood trauma and may feel clear in my heart and emotions, it is another very important step to remove any negative energy imprints from the energetic field. This can be done simply by becoming aware of what you are releasing consciously and calling in help from whatever you resonate with, be it Light, Angels, Jesus, Ra, Love, or in my case Plasma Beings that come from Mother Earth.I encourage you to check in with your Inner Child for while you as an adult may be feeling very loving and forgiving to the extent that even the child has no emotional tie to that experience any longer, it may still be affecting both of you. The process to remove negative energy from the field is instant and painless. You do not need to relive the trauma to see the results. I had been placing garbage in the garbage can but neglecting to take it out to the curb on collection day. Your body will thank you and can stop trying to get your attention through pain or depression etc. The message is received! The remedy is a beautiful thing!

All Is Well!

Christine Ogasawara

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Are you a Master yet?

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Symptoms of Ascention, Upliftment and Impending Mastery
Recently I have noticed a trend to assign uncomfortable symptoms in the body as registers and proof of ascention. I see this trend in prominent healers as well as in the general population. Have skin issues? Have a respiratory problem or muscle fatigue? Oh, you must be ascending! Congratulations!
It is important to become aware that when we have a belief system we will see proof of it in our lives. We call in experiences that support our beliefs and then feel we have vindication of our beliefs. If you have ever experimented, as I have, by jumping into a different belief system you very quickly will see proof of that new belief system show up in your life, even if it is totally opposite to your previous belief system. I find it fascinating.
These are some ascention symptoms I have been noticing:
Increased life force energy.
Healing of long time health issues that may even seem miraculous.
Feeling connection to ones Divinity through listening to music.
Heightened senses. Seeing beauty in nature and in humans and their pursuits.
Quality sleep followed by inspiration and messages from guides and angels.
Increased intuition, heart opening, joy and humor.
Feeling tolerant of current events. Seeing more than tragedy through to the God light in everything and everyone.
No need for forgiveness as that is already a given.
Life unfolding in a gentle flow for the highest good of all.
I invite you to notice your own symptoms of impending Mastery. Yes, things may come up for release in the body. Everything is there to be loved. Where we bring our attention and beliefs can also bring positive experiences around transformation. Ask any butterfly or seed that sprouts into a great oak tree. It can feel like a natural and beautiful process!
Christine Ogasawara
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Journey with Dolphins Unicorns and Arthur

In this journey, some gentle and powerful energies have arrived to assist in healing and awakening. The dolphin energy removes densities from the physical and etheric bodies and field. This energy also relaxes the nervous system with a filter placed at the brain stem. A relaxed nervous system allows for more fluidity and ease in the evolutionary and awakening process.

The unicorn energy addresses the electrical current in the body by activating potential energy into available kinetic energy thereby balancing the negative and positive ions. The unicorn beings also strengthen the connection to higher self.

The Arcturians have a ship close to Earth and are sending down energy to assist in the great shift that is occurring. A representative named Arthur (who can also appear as Artesia his feminine version) has offered his assistance to all who wish to connect with him. His energy is very warm, welcoming and loving. I have agreed to be his emissary by introducing people to him during energy healings. He is someone who will answer your questions or provide comfort.
Part of the journey is to a lighthouse that is accessed by a vortex. It allows for higher perspectives to be discerned.
The last part of the journey is to a deep pool in a green setting. Arthur takes us there to be immersed in the water and remove any inflammation. This also finalizes the changes that have occurred during healing. A gentle waterfall is at one end of the pool. It energizes and uplifts the energy field.
I am offering this journey in person in West Henrietta NY or remotely long distance. I offer this session on a donation basis with gratitude for all the universal blessings available to all.
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Christine Ogasawara

The Elephant in the Room

You are loved far more than you know.

It’s funny, as I sat down to write today I asked my guides what is my topic? I told them I’d like something fun and uplifting. They said “Death”. O.K.
I guess death is a topic rarely talked about or even thought about. Lately I have been thinking more about death. Not just the process of the body dying and the soul leaving the body (sign me up for a conscious death please) but the effect death can have on life.
Knowing I have a finite and limited amount of days to be incarnated as this personality has been motivating me to make the most of the time I have here. I don’t mean that suddenly I am inspired to be disciplined in all the ways I have not been up to this point. It goes more to a basic premise that whatever I am experiencing can be used to awaken to a truer sense of reality of my natural being with less distortion.
If, for example, I don’t like the fact that xyz is happening, I can ask myself how can I use xyz as a catalyst for my greater good? I can acknowledge that I don’t like it and I can’t control it but what can I do? Well, I can breathe it into my heart and exhale all the uncomfortable feelings around it down into a vortex that goes deep into Gaia mother earth for her to transform. I can feel the open heart relaxing my nervous system as I slowly breathe.
I remind myself I only have a certain number of days where I can be in this body and trust and rely on energy to help me. Once I’m beyond the veil I imagine trust is a given. Right now, trust feels like a choice. I’m sure I’ll be doing more work on myself from the other side but this moment such as it is will never be presented to me again.
I often receive upliftment in the dream state or just after waking. I meditate just before sleeping almost every night and my intention is for healing myself and everyone. Sometimes I pick one person to work on and let them represent everyone. Sometimes it is myself representing everyone. A few nights ago, I had a lucid dream that a young boy child was holding the hand of Jesus. I remembered the feeling of being little and totally trusting that I was safe with my parents. Jesus offered this feeling to my heart, but I had to choose if I wanted to trust or if I wanted to continue to try to control things and suffer. I told him I remembered that feeling of trust and I wanted to receive it into my heart again. So, he gave it to me and as he did I let myself represent all the children who were frightened by separation.
It was a good day to be alive and incarnated into this body. I am starting to wake up to the potential in every moment. No matter what it looks like or feels like, any moment can be the point of a miracle. Any experience can be received as a gift of the much greater awakening towards revelation of truth. Why would I place a stick in my path? Do I need to pick it up or hate it or try to throw it away? Perhaps I am just meant to observe it neutrally or love it and join with the stick in my mind. In loving the stick will it be transformed into a magic wand? Was the whole point of the obstruction in my path to give me an opportunity to watch something transform through love?
They say an elephant never forgets. As humans, we have forgotten a lot. The remembering, however, is at hand. Death speaks to me softly and like a gentle holding of life. Death as a true friend can encourage us to make the most of our time here. Death’s goal and my goal are one-to love, and to awaken.
All Is Well!

Shifting Realities

This seems to be a time where shifting realities, be it jumping to a different timeline, experiencing an alternate dimension either parallel or future, and other anomalous occurrences has become both more sought after and more easily accessible. I have never experienced ayahuasca which I have heard can be a powerful plant helper to bring one to other realms, so my experiences are not those. My experiences feel grounded in that when the anomaly is over I am immediately back in 3d, in fact sometimes I feel like I have never left it and the experience feels natural if not explainable in conventional awareness.
Some of the fun stuff comes to mind. I was driving in NJ where I was living at the time and found myself on a loop on Route 17. It was an exit I had never taken or seen before and even though I had driven that road many times, it was a bit strange and unrecognized. Something was off, but I kept driving the loop not knowing what else to do. I had the feeling that if I stopped the car and got out I would be trapped in an alternate reality forever. With that awareness, the road shifted back to the familiar and I was able to find my way.
Another was much more recent. I was reading a lot about Sasquatch and watching some videos on YouTube, when I caught a glimpse of 6th dimensional Sasquatch behind my chair in the kitchen. I emphasize 6th dimensional because at this vibration Sasquatch is of a very high resonance and more spiritual than physical. After this encounter, I noticed that I had no desire to eat meat for 3 months. I was undergoing some pre-surgery tests, and everything came back clean with no further need to go down allopathic medicine’s road. I knew I had been influenced by my encounter with Sasquatch and it was very helpful. After 3 months my desire to eat meat returned. The gift was specific to my need at the time, thank you Sasquatch.
I am sure a common anomaly that many people experience is when something material pops up where it could not have possibly been or alternately when something that was there is no longer there. I bought a water filter pitcher that was working fine for a few months. It suddenly started to not pour well. So, I took it apart and inspected it thoroughly but could not find any problem. This went on for a few weeks, when one day I saw a bright green strip of tape over the pour spout. It was slit but not removed. So, the pour spout was acting as if it had an obstruction when none was there. I removed the tape knowing full well it had not been there the day before. What was I being shown?
One thing I am being shown is that reality can be VERY flexible! These shifts of reality and expanded awareness can feel very natural and be helpful. One way to shift a timeline is to feel into the future. Feel yourself as having already moved through an event. I already felt strong and healed as I went into surgery because I had shifted my awareness to a time about 6 months after surgery. That was a conscious shift.
So, what do we do when something just happens? One evening in bed I saw 12 shadow figures walking through my room. My instinct was to send them love which I did with the words, “OH Hello! I’m going back to sleep now. I love you.” They moseyed on out and that was the end of it. One time staying over a friend’s house I had a faerie come to the bed and ask if he could get in. I felt into his aura and only felt benevolence, so I said sure come on up. He said can my friends come too? Of course! I had the company of lots of faeries that night. When I told my host, she said,” Oh sorry I thought I got rid of them.”
I do think we experience anomalies from the vibration we are experiencing at the time. When we stay in our hearts and have the intention of healing and love it can become a very fun and helpful way to navigate this world and others. I have many such stories as I’m sure some of you do as well. It’s not everywhere that these things can be expressed so I’m happy to share some experiences with you!
All Is Well!
With Love

“I told you so!” :-)

I enter the observer state of being and notice my patterned thinking. Ah ha! I’m onto you now. I catch myself judging someone. Why did they choose that? How can they not see the effect of what they are doing? How can they not trust that I know what’s best for them? It’s embarrassing to even admit those thoughts knowing intellectually that each person is on a unique journey which is ultimately for the highest good for all.
I look at the comments on social media. Apparently, opinion and judgement are given free reign here. No need to even monitor your thought process or be polite. Just let it rip! Someone said that everything we used to think privately but censor by not saying aloud, we now feel entitled to blurb all over the internet. It takes the humanity out of the exchange when all you see in front of you is a keyboard. Most reading this I’m sure are careful in what they type or say to others.
I believe the true subtlety of our ongoing internal conversation lies just below the obvious and most usually is in our own inner dialog. What am I telling myself today? How is what I am saying to myself revealing my belief systems? Am I choosing to fear or love in this situation? If we really focus on that inner critic I know we can make big changes in our consciousness and in what we see reflected to us in our world of form.
Lately I am focusing on the energy that comes from the central sun in the form of liquid light. I try to notice it in my body and around my aura vibrating out into my space. I can see it emanating from my crown chakra. It feels both energizing and soothing. Its message is that nothing is stronger than love. So, when the inner or outer critic shows up I can let it speak silently in my mind, but then remind it that love is the only remedy needed. It is the healer, the great creator the All that everything arises from.
This being aware of self and what is bubbling up in any given moment is a clear opportunity to give love and receive it back many times over. There is nothing I can conjure or think that I am afraid to own or face. Is my ego needy? Am I loving drama? Do I just have to say or think,” I told you so!” Is my concern masking a lack of faith that all is well? That example would be a subtler awareness. Am I joking from a place of less than? Am I having a physiological response to stress? Am I embarrassed that I am less than perfect?
The difference between criticizing oneself for these human traits and helping oneself is love. I can be fearless in my self- awareness because I have trained myself to relax and love what I find. I have no fear of going deeper, which is why I am able to help others explore their own deeper worlds. Most find an abundance of self- acceptance, admiration and understanding that they had no idea was available to them. It is these deep powerful and sometimes subtle explorations that can shift a person’s perspective from that moment forward.
I invite you to this knowing beyond form. I am what made me. I am love itself!
All Is Well!

Fun at the dentist

5th dimensional non-duality
Recently in session, I entered the relaxation response with another individual. In relaxation, our vibration and frequency lifts to allow for experiences that we normally do not experience in our usual 3rd dimensional awareness. This can be accessed through meditation, energy work and hypnosis along with other modalities such as sound healing etc. I usually find that expanded dimensional reality is more easily accessed with another be it human or spirit. The individual I was facilitating for was able to meet her inner physician Anna, who was not only helpful in giving information but was wrapped in love and wisdom. It was a beautiful experience for us both.
Later that night, I was awakened by an angel. She was sent by Anna and proceeded to do a healing for me in releasing old past life trauma around starvation. I was so pleased to have this gentle yet powerful healing occur spontaneously, and a more delightful and unusual experience was yet to come.
The next day I went to get my teeth cleaned and the hygienist was doing a very thorough job. (Meaning I was in a lot of pain as he diligently worked away). A strange thing happened. My focus was shifted to love and while I could fully feel the physical pain I was in, I had a complete realization that absolutely nothing is stronger than love. It was as if the duality experience of pleasure vs. pain was wiped out by this overriding feeling of love. The pain was real, and it also was not real compared to the expansion I was in. I managed to have a pleasant conversation in the dental office and seem normal as I told the receptionist that I had the cleanest teeth on the planet.
When I got in my car and drove away the tears just started to flow. I was smiling with this huge awareness of my heart and the unchangeable fabric of love that everything is experienced in. That whole day it felt like I would never forget that feeling of love, and anything that may occur from this time forward would be met with the fearlessness that loving awareness can bring. I checked to see if there was anyone I held a grudge against or felt I needed to forgive and all I felt was love. I was in my car driving in Henrietta NY with a sore mouth and I was in love with everyone and the whole planet!
While I may shift back into fear, I can always remember that expanded blissful space even if I do not embody it fully in every moment. I do get the feeling that it is where we are all heading. Thank you, Anna!

Out of the Blue

sunset-hands-love-woman.jpgOut Of The Blue

When life is confounded by unexpected surprises take heart. The confusion that is experienced may become a gateway to upliftment if allowed to be so. Many, like me, surround themselves with predictability, routine, habit and comfort. Indeed, the human body seems to respond well to what it knows such as familiar food, rest and places of entertainment to name a few. The soul, however, may have a different scenario planned for our benefit.
Recently my husband Jack of 46 years, suffered a heart attack and had open heart double bypass with tissue valve replacement surgery. Although his father had died of a heart attack at 72 years of age my husband at 77 seemed very healthy and walked an hour a day. His collapse was a surprise. The surgeon did a wonderful job and after a week he was able to return home without going to a rehab hospital.
I have been witnessing his healing process as well as assisting with it both on a physical and energetic level. It is fascinating to watch someone’s ingrained personality suddenly have huge shifts. The heart opens and generosity blooms. The old fears are encountered, and abandonment/separation issues are given space to breathe and resolve.
As for me, I have decided to consciously use this experience as a springboard for awakening, awareness and upliftment. At times the unexpected changes feel like more of a struggle than an opportunity, but then I remember my intention. The insight I had last night is that I am NOT here to be of service. That may sound strange for one who has an identity as a healer. However, when I declared it to the Universe I experienced an expansion and spaciousness that was freedom itself. My identity shifted from I am a healer to I AM.
I have made surrender a priority in the last few years. I surrender to peace within and faith that all is well. I may have to consciously surrender many times a day but for me it is a gateway to a different experience of being human. It is in sharp contrast with the fighting spirit that most think will be a pathway to something great. Not that one experience is better or worse than another. All pathways lead home.
Jack has written a book called Never Give Up. It is about his experiences growing up in WW2 Japan and then coming to America and owning a martial arts studio. He is an 8th degree black belt in judo. I joke that my book is entitled Always Give Up. He understands what I mean by that. His drive to success is at times difficult for him to experience and, sometimes for others around him. However divergent our paths are, we have always been a great team.
He welcomes healing energy with enthusiasm and I welcome his path and his hero’s journey as a human.
So I tell myself once again, Relax, Surrender and know that
All Is Well!


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